Junk.Fund raises capital through a crowdfunding platform that provides women entrepreneurs with access to capital

“Our investment helps female entrepreneurs to creatively activate the greater vision of their business by providing them with tangible and intangible resources” – RLabs Women


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JUNK.Fund is an initiative that was started as an experiment at RLabs, where we wanted to know if staff would sacrifice having junk food and invest their money in an entrepreneur. We started inviting staff to invest in the fund using the money they would usually use to spend on junk food (fast food). This fund is used to invest in and to offer support to a new female entrepreneur each month. The investor (depending on the size of the investment) will have a chance to nominate an entrepreneur as a recipient. Funds are paid out monthly and the entrepreneur has to attend our SME Boost sessions with the Junk.Fund team. After successfully running this experiment over 3 months through increasing its capital investment (by not only increasing the number of investors but also the amount invested), as well as an increase in female entrepreneurs applying to be a recipient we decided to launch this initiative. Through this experiment, an additional project was birthed called: Give with a Purpose. This project encourages people to repurpose clothing or functional items as a donation to Junk.Fund. The items are sold for no more than R100 and monetary proceeds go the Social Project of the month. The items not sold are donated to a social impact project for further repurposing.

Junk.Fund sustains itself by retaining 20% of the income raised for support services to the entrepreneurs and administration.


Virtual Date Night Beneficiaries | November 2020

Our last Virtual Networking Date Night took place on the 25th November 2020. Being our last event of the year, we decided to end with a bang! We had 5 ladies pitch their business ideas and after an audience poll, 3 business were chosen as the winners. These businesses will be part of our Virtual […]

Startup Women

Date Night Beneficiaries | February 2020

RLabs women held their first networking date night event of the year for 2020 at the UCT Graduate School of Business, which is regarded as the best business university in Africa. What a way to celebrate our women entrepreneurs!   The RLabs woman had 8 beneficiaries for the evening. They had to pitch their business […]

Social Project

Yonela Khohloko | December 2019

Yonela is our beneficiary for December 2019. She does some amazing work and we are so proud of her. Read more about her below.   My name is Yonela Khohloko, one of the founding members of The Inguquko female organization which is a non-profit organization. We are a small group of women, who believe in […]

Startup Women

Rabia Adamson – Aurora Fitness Studio | January 2020

Aurora Fitness Studio is for women between the ages of 25 and 40 who want a fitter and healthier lifestyle. The aim is to create a safe environment for women to start a physical exercise habit that will help them to see beyond their current fitness state and look high above to see what is […]

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