Yonela Khohloko | December 2019

Yonela is our beneficiary for December 2019. She does some amazing work and we are so proud of her. Read more about her below.


My name is Yonela Khohloko, one of the founding members of The Inguquko female organization which is a non-profit organization.

We are a small group of women, who believe in uplifting, encouraging and supporting other women as well as giving back to the community.


Our organization started an initiative where we hand out sanitary towels to young women, starting from the age of  12 years and upwards.


Our recent initiative was a success and educational to the young women we hosted as we had various educational activities to enable their minds but most importantly, to uplift and encourage them as per our belief as an organization.

On behalf of my team members, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to RLabs women team for choosing us to be their Junk Funds Beneficiary, as Inguquko female organization, we are very delighted that we were able to make a small impact in 40 young women’s lives.


As an organization, it truly means a lot to us that RLabs chose us out of many applications received.


Once again, Thank you!

Thank you to Yonela for sharing your story.  The original article can be found at Yonela’s website, My Story My Life.

Reference: https://mystorymylifeyonelakhohloko.blogspot.com/2020/02/good-day-my-name-is-yonela-khohloko-one.html


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