Warm Belts | October 2019

We asked the team from Warm Belts to tell us a bit about themselves. Here is there story.

Yive Gola: I am 25 years old from Khayelitsha Cape Town. I can describe myself as an extrovert because I am very passionate about life and people. I have obtained a higher certificate in Communication and Information Technology at CPUT in 2015. A year later I registered a  Modeling Agency company and I have been busy working on it throughout the years until early this year when I decided to go back to school and learn more about the entrepreneurship world. I was fortunate enough to be accepted at Academy of Woman Entrepreneur and Grow Leadership Academy.

I am the first person to have an interest in entrepreneurship in my family. The satisfaction I get from being an entrepreneur is the sense of being independent and mostly the freedom to create and implement solutions to peoples frustration.

Sibongiseni Khaba: I am 22 years old from Delft. I am a hyperactive person, loud if I must say. I love being around people, interacting and engaging in talks about business and life in general. I passed my matric in 2017. I worked in a cleaning company for a year than a month before I came to GLA, I was working at KFC. My love for entrepreneurship started when I came to GLA.

I am the first person at home to have an interest in entrepreneurship. The sense of being creative and also being the woman in power.

Esethu Fekade: I am 20 years old from Samora Machel. I’m an introvert. I am passionate about fashion and design. I did my matric 2018 but I unfortunately failed. I came to GLA to help myself grow mentally and psychologically.

I am the first person in my family to be in entrepreneurship. Personal Power and being my own boss. And also the thought of being able to create job opportunities.

Sonwabise Sifo: I am a 22 year-old female from Khayelitsha where I grew up in a home with both my parents and my 2 siblings. Growing up I was so close to my dad who entertained my curiosity, always motivated me to be my best in all that I do and with him being a person who works mostly with his hands and creativity he passed on that trait onto me. I did my primary school in Khayelitsha so is my High School and passed my matric in 2015.

I come from a background where my dad always knew how to create his own objects using his hands e.g DIY. I always believe that it takes a village to raise a child because that is how I was raised also. I get most fascinated when it comes to grooming the young generation because that is where I believe the creativity and new ideas come from. Coming from Khayelitsha that is where the bright and better future comes can occur.

Warm Belts

Our aim is to bring the solution to that one frustration that women have, which is period pains. We want women to have the freedom to keep going with their daily routines without having to nurse their pain. We also want to give women the sense of being fashionable while they are on their periods.

At the Grow Leadership Academy, we had an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. We were asked about that one thing that frustrates us the most. Funny enough, 3 of us were on their periods and we were in pain. So that’s when we realised that we need to do something about it.

We applied for JunkFund hoping that our business idea can be noticed and funded.

Being a JunkFund beneficiary has impacted our business in a very positive way. It has helped us with the capital to start our business. A lot has changed after receiving the sewing machine because we are now able to manufacture our own product.

Our future plans on Warm Belts are to expand and grow business across the globe so that a lot of women can find a solution to the problem.

For anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur and thinking of pursuing side projects, we would advise the person to start working and implementing his/her idea because nothing is impossible if you put your focus on it.


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