Date Night Beneficiaries | August 2019

At our Date Night in August, we had 4 ladies each win a cash investment prize from Junk.Fund worth R1000. These ladies had to be brave and pitch their business for 30 seconds in front of our billionaire and all those in attendance.

Sonwabise Sifo – The Girls Next Door CPT, designs clothing for young people.

Lydia Southgate- I would like to open a care centre for the older persons and jointly aftercare. I want to look after the seniors and aftercares daily. It will depend on the families need.

Musa Jakuja – The name of my company is Cooking Heals. It is a catering business but with 3 components to it.
1. Day to day catering, for big to small events.
2. I run monthly events that involve families, I choose a topic (Fatherless Generation) and a dish to teach them how to make and we share our experiences and talk about ways to overcome certain obstacles and pray.
3. I hire out catering equipment.

Jodi Johnson – Prints of Peace sells finished, printed garments, such as normal and styled T-shirts as well as hoodies and any other special requested orders. The objective of my business is for people to wear clothing with positive, meaningful prints. I am targeting people who care about what they wear and wish to spread positive messages instead of wearing clothing which they don’t know the meaning of.

We wish our beneficiaries all of the best with their projects and businesses.


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