Shirley Rogers – Fudgee Sensations | June 2019

Shirley Rogers is 41 years old from Kewtown, Athlone. She describes herself as an ordinary woman. She does not come from an entrepreneurial background, however, RLabs Women inspired her to pursue the business. She started her business so that she could have an extra income. 


She came about the idea for Fudgee Sensations when she realised that not everyone is able to enjoy sweet things such as fudge. Shirley has decided to create treats to cater to these people using organic ingredients.


After seeing other businesses and projects grow after being beneficiaries of, she was inspired to apply for her own business. She hopes to one day open a coffee shop where young and old can relax.


Her advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are thinking of starting their projects: “Don’t think twice.”


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