Mellissa Abels – Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club | July 2019

Mellissa Abels, is from Bonteheuwel. She is the secretary of Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club (BCAC). Her project targets youth between ages 8 to 20. She decided to apply as a Junk.Fund beneficiary because she wants to accommodate more athletes.

The club was started as a way to expose kids to a positive lifestyle that comes with athletics. At first is was just a father and young daughter training on a field. Youth in the surrounding areas noticed and started to join them with their training. The club officially started in January 2019 and has 70 club members.

Each month they raise money to transport the kids from Bonteheuwel to Bellville to train with an international trainer. They believe that the kids have a lot of potential and they just need to be exposed to the right people and opportunities.

As many of their athletes don’t have proper running shoes and they don’t run on a track, they tend to get blisters and cuts on their feet. Running shoes are essential to especially as many of the athletes run barefoot.

To try and remedy this, they have started an initiative called the Running Shoe Project. The goal was to collect 500 pairs of running shoes before Mandela Day and to distribute them around Cape Town.


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