Junk.Fund Launch | 24 April 2019

RLabs Women launching Junk.Fund

RLabs Women hosted an event where we welcomed over 60 female entrepreneurs to laugh, engage and network. It was an evening with lots of fun activities that motivated, inspired and got like minded women to connect with one another. We used this platform to launch Junk.Fund – our crowdfunding investment fund.  Junk.Fund raises capital through a crowdfunding platform that provides women entrepreneurs with access to capital.



Junk.Fund Slide Deck from rlabswomen


What an amazing experience it was. The atmosphere and the hype was out of this world. The ladies interacted well with one another, which was driven by one of the activities called the networking challenge.

The night was filled with fun, laughter, inspirational talks and even elevator pitches where any woman was allowed to pitch their business in 1 minute. Four ladies pitched their businesses/projects throughout the evening and because of their bravery they were rewarded at the end with a special prize.


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