Udaa Beauty | February 2019

Udaa Beauty helps to restore the confidence of women, by providing a selection of premium hair and nail treatments. Their target market is employed women aged 18-45, but they do accept people outside this demographic. Udaa Beauty’s clients pay for the services they want, either COD, monthly collections, or subscription.

Shaudaa is the founder of Udaa Beauty which provides various beauty services including manicures and hair styling. She started around May 2018 after becoming fascinated by the bold and creative designs and techniques people use to do nails. 


She comes from a family where everyone runs their own side-project or their own business. It runs in her family with the idea that they each want something of their own that no one can take control of.


Seeing her clients happy after getting their nails done is what gives her the most satisfaction. She likes to see their excitement about the designs and art on their nails. She is fascinated with the things people can do to their nails. It makes her happy to see people happy with their nails.


Shaudaa didn’t always have a passion for beauty or anything nail related at all. Until one day she saw Edwinah (from Caption) doing someone’s nails. Shaudaa instantly became fascinated and began to watch more intensely. “I just saw her doing it and then I started trying it and then I found out it’s actually fun and not something I get bored of doing. It was just really entertaining,” she says.


One thing you should know about Shaudaa is that she is a self-taught nail tech. She has no formal training. She learned everything she does but watching and learning what she could from experts such as Edwinah. She really enjoys watching videos of new techniques, new designs, new products. She is more hands-on and practical with her education.


Why did she start Udaa Beauty? Well, Shaudaa wants to give back to the community. She lives in a low-income community where the women tend to think that having your nails done or going to a salon is for white people or people with a lot of money. She wants to bring the experience to these women to let them know that this does not have to be an expensive thing. “I don’t charge a lot but I want people to experience getting their nails done and to get the salon experience,” she says. 


She wants people to experience this for the first time because she believes they should all make time to pamper themselves and get their nails done. “A lot of people just work all the time and let themselves go. I want people to know it’s not expensive to just treat themselves,” she says. Her clients tend to be very surprised when they see how Shaudaa operates her business and how much she charges. These clients have often never been to a big name salon before. One of her clients actually remarked that Shaudaa was more pleasant than the staff at one of the big salon and beauty stores.


Ultimately she wants to give people a great experience. She is more approachable and easy to talk to when compared to other salon staff. She puts the emphasis on the clients needs first. To make sure her clients leave 100% happy with their nails, she makes sure that they get exactly what they want to the best of her abilities. Everything from colour choice, nail shape, to a particular manicure, must all be the client’s choice. “I want to give them the freedom to choose how they want to express themselves,” she says. Every now and then Shaudaa will perform a salon service for free as a blessing and as a treat. She gives out vouchers to people every now and then for free treatments so that they can see what they can get for themselves.


She applied for the Junk.Fund in order to get support. With the funds she received from the Junk.Fund she was able to buy more products so that she wouldn’t run out. 


Her future plans for Udaa Beauty include having her own space for her Udaa Beauty Salon. This will help her give back to her community as well as outreach to women to pamper them for a day. She wants to give back to hardworking women and mothers who don’t have time to treat themselves due to their other responsibilities. 


Shaudaa’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or even those thinking of starting a side project is to never stop learning new things. “ I never stopped learning new things in the field of where I wanted to go. I keep up to date. Find something that is entertaining that doesn’t make you feel like you are working, that is fun. You just need to be passionate in what you do and work hard for the vision that you have for your business and don’t give up,” she says.


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