Skin Goddess | February 2019

The Skin Goddess is a representation of beauty within us. We create personalized henna designs that beautifully adorn its wearer, thereby enhancing and revealing the inner soul.

Chesnay J Fortuin is currently 19 years of age. She grew up in Heideveld, Athlone, a suburb of Cape Town. She matriculated in 2016.


Chesnsay comes from an entrepreneurial background as she along with her parents and brother helped run a tuckshop and did construction jobs around Heideveld. She was exposed to entrepreneurship, ideation, government, and local and international politics.


For her, the most satisfying thing about being an entrepreneur is that she becomes a role model for young men and women in marginalised communities. Encouraging business creation without the influence of gangsterism and crime.


In her words, The Skin Goddess creates personalised henna designs based on a short peer-coaching session that speaks about The Self, Aspirations, Likes and Dislikes, Strengths and Weaknesses in order to help inspire and reveal the inner beauty of the Human Soul from people who have experienced bodily trauma and mental stress. She wants to focus on SDG3 Good Health and Well-being and SDG4 Quality Education.

Chesnay started The Skin Goddess because of her inquisitiveness and appreciation of in Indian and Arabic henna designs seen in Bollywood movies and Indian and Arabian weddings; as well as the love of creating artworks and people.


Her motivation is to create a safe space where people can reveal the true beauty of their inner soul. To express their love, aspirations for their future no matter their past or present circumstances. “My hope for The Skin Goddess is to ensure the health & well-being of my customers and inspire life-long learning and journey seeking,” she says.


Her advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs is to trust in God and to have a love and passion for the crazy ideas they have. “Make it a reality through proper planning and up-skill yourselves. Do market and business research and intentionally carry out those steps no matter the obstacles. If you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life,” she says.


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