Hairmosphere | January 2019

Life is not perfect but your hair can be.

When asked if her family has any entrepreneurial experience, Arantxa, the 20-year-old from Lost City and founder of Hairmosphere, would mention her father being a boilermaker. Now she proudly speaks about her own investment in herself.

Arantxa started modeling at the age of 10. At this young age she learnt to wash and style her own hair and not depend on her mother to do it for her and her passion grew for doing hair. Arantxa and her mother have the same irritation, which is that they cannot contain themselves when they see children with messy hair. Arantxa took initiative and added a little Arantxa flair to this little girl’s hair. In the city of Cape Town news travels fast. People wanted to know who did this little girl’s hair. Arantxa started getting many referrals and this is where Hairmosphere was sparked.

What makes Hairmosphere different to any other hair salon? Hairmosphere is not a money-making scheme. It’s stimulated by a genuine passion for hair and making people feel better about themselves. She believes that when we treat ourselves, our spirits get lifted. She’s super affordable to accommodate her local supporters and on Wednesdays she does pro bono hair-styling for disabled women, as most disabled women in her community do not have enough spending money nor traveling fee.

“Do what YOU want to do and know why you are doing it, don’t do it for the money and don’t limit yourself”

– Arantxa Martin


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