Caption | November 2018

Edwinah Allen, a 34-year-old creative part of the RLabs team, studied Somatology (beauty therapy) for 4 years and has about 5 years experience in the field. She had gone straight from matric to pursue further studies. Her father was a Pastor and her mother a housewife, so looking back she never had any entrepreneurial experience.

Edwinah became inspired one day when she was helping to prepare Mother’s Day gifts on behalf of the children’s church. She realised how relaxing and satisfying it was to sit, use her hands and think of creative ways to individualise each gift. This realisation brought “Caption It” into existence, where she creates personalized gifts and packages them in reusable, functional, handmade gift boxes. She makes a special prayer over the gifts during and after packaging just to make it that much more personal.

Edwinah is by nature a charismatic person and because of this, she has a dream to eventually be able to improve the lives of the less fortunate by feeding them, providing washing facilities, and beauty treatments. has helped Edwinah see the end product that she envisioned, come to life and enabled her to fill her gift boxes. It helped support her business venture, receive guidance and gave her a push in the right direction. Seeing her clients as happy to receive the gifts as she was while packaging brings her the most satisfaction. The has assisted her with ideas, finances and support which caused her to think innovatively.

Are you wanting to start your own side project? If that is the case, Edwinah advises to just do it. If it makes you feel “alive” and makes you get up in the morning then go for it. Do not consider the money, people, the hows and what-if’s – just do it. Where there is a will, there’s a way.


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